Face to Face Counselling

Many immigrant women* suffer from discrimination, exclusion and stigmatisation and often do not have the possibilty to equally participate in social life. Especially in a crisis situation, it is difficult for many immigrant women* to express themselves in a foreign language, speak about feelings and explain their current situation. Often, they don’t know where to go for help and they fear to be misunderstood.

Intercultural counselling therefore requires from the counsellor

  • Openness and respect towards other life circumstances and cultures
  • Sensitivity to experiences with discrimination
  • Specific migration-related knowledge
  • Self-reflection of the counsellor
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • General language competence of the counsellor

The Frauenkrisentelefon’s face to face counselling in different languages offers women* barrier-free access in a crisis situation. It is an intimate space to facilitate the overcoming of shame, cultural taboos and fear of stigmatisation.

The goal of the crisis counselling is lasting stabilisation of the women while accompanying them through their difficult times.

Depending on a woman’s* individual needs this may include

  • Strengthening her feelings of self-worth
  • Supporting her in seeing more options
  • Finding support options for her
  • Explaining and giving information, e.g. on relevant laws
  • Offering specific connections to other centres