Telephone Counselling

Reasons for Calling

The Frauenkrisentelefon offers counseling for women* in various crisis situations: from general and chronic life problems to emergency situations and suicidal crises.

Crises can have different causes:

  • Traumatic events (e.g. rape, domestic violence)
  • Change (e.g. breakup, divorce, death of a loved one)
  • Development (e.g. separation from family, identity issues)
  • Chronic life problems (e.g. psychological illness, addiction, difficult life circumstances)


The type of telephone counseling depends on the caller’s needs:

  • Singular crisis intervention
  • Repeated, accompanying counselling
  • Continuous, long-term counselling
  • Receiving information on
    • Counseling and therapy centres, self-help groups
    • Specific women’s projects
    • Continuing education possibilities
    • Other projects in different languages
    • And more