Telefonische Krisenberatung

030 - 615 42 43


und Migrantinnenberatung

030 - 615 75 96

FrauenKrisenTelefon e.V.

  • if you want to talk to someone
  • if you are in a difficult situation that you would like to resolve
  • if you are looking for a way out of your current crisis
  • if you need information on other sources of help
  • if you’d like a face to face counselling session in English, Persian or Dari
  • assist you in reflecting on your current situation
  • develop possible solutions for you together
  • encourage you to take the next step
  • find further projects for you that might be of help
  • give you the option to speak with us in your mother tongue

The Frauenkrisentelefon in Berlin has been offering daily intercultural telephone counselling for women* since 1982. Women with a native language other than German are welcome to come for face to face counselling in English, Persian or Dari.